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Hot Metal laminate uses patent technology to combine the contemporary look of metal, with vibrant translucent colours and handcrafted patterns. This innovative technique creates an expressive metal laminate, which reflects light in a way that enhances the surface finish to produce a striking and distinctive three-dimensional effect.

Hot Metal is highly durable, flexible and lightweight. It can be installed with ease and requires little maintenance to retain its finish. It can be applied to most surfaces or substrates. The applications for this creative Australian-made laminate are endless. Hot Metal is a proven versatile laminate that can be specified with confidence to deliver maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Hot Metal is recyclable and environmentally sound.

Environment Friendly
Australian Designed and Handmade
Colours and Patterns
Flexible Applications
Surface Protection
Recommended Substrates
Surface Preparation
Bonding and Adhesives
Fire Behaviour
Handling and Storage

Hot Metal is recommended for internal vertical applications and decorative or light duty horizontal surfaces. Consider these suitable environment and application ideas;

Recommended Environments and Applications

Café & Restaurants
Clubs, Bars , Hotels
Receptions & Lobbies
Commercial & Office Fit-outs
Retail Fit-outs
Lift Interiors and Exteriors
Designer Kitchens
Gaming & Entertainment
Exhibition Stands
Set, Stage and Theatre
Central urban areas

Feature walls, doors, screens
Decorative ceiling panels
Feature columns
Visual merchandise & display
Reception desks
Decorative horizontal surfaces
Designer furniture & cabinetry
Kitchen verticals
Splashbacks, skirtings, door push plates

Vibrant translucent trend colours
Hand crafted patterns.
Light responsive producing striking three dimensional effects
Powerful visual impact
Australian designed and handmade
Environment friendly and recyclable
Distinct, expressive and unique
Versatile, durable and flexible
Inspires the design process by stimulating and stretching the imagination
Easy care
Cost effective
Integrates with, and compliments other surface finishes
Simple application methods and installation
Efficient supply by dealing direct with manufacturer

Material type: Aluminium
Sheet size: 2400mm x 1200mm
Working size: 2400mm x 1180mm
Sheet thickness: 0.6mm


Surface Protection
All Hot Metal sheets are supplied with a peel off film to protect the decorative finish. It is recommended that this film remain on the decorative surface until all processing and installation stages are complete.

Recommended Substrates

  • MDF, plywood, particle boards, decorative plastics.
  • For applications where moisture is a consideration, a substrate that is suitable for wet areas must be used.
  • Because Hot Metal is a decorative laminate, it is recommended that only high quality substrates should be used.
  • Surface Preparation
    To ensure best results when using Hot Metal, the substrate surface that the sheeting is to be bonded to must be, relatively non-porous, very clean and free from oils and grease, evenly planed and free from defects and irregularities.


  • Good cutting results can be achieved with any of the following; panel saw, sharp carbide blades, guillotine, flat bed router. To deburr edges a fine file may be used.
  • All cutting and machinery must be done with the decorative surface of Hot Metal face up.
  • Bonding and Adhesives

  • Adhesives containing harmful solvents should not be used when bonding Hot Metal to a substrate.
  • Contact STEW Pty Ltd for information regarding recommended adhesives.
  • It is important that an even distribution of adhesive be applied to the underside of the sheet of Hot Metal. The adhesive must completely cover the entire underside surface of the sheet of Hot Metal to obtain successful lamination and to prevent any future bubbling of the metal laminate.
  • Best and lasting results are obtained by using adhesives that are sprayed.
  • When bonding Hot Metal to substrates use a roller to allow for even and complete coverage. This will be achieved by maintaining a constant pressure throughout the rolling process, over the entire sheet.
  • Common causes of bonding failures are;
    1. insufficient adhesive coverage to the laminate
    2. insufficient pressure applied during the bonding process
    3. incorrect surface preparation to the laminate
    4. inferior quality substrate and incorrect type of substrate for the application
    5. low temperature environments accompanied by high humidity
  • To obtain best results always follow adhesive manufacturer instructions. Refer to the adhesive manufacturer for recommendations of a suitable solvent to remove excess glue.
  • Flexible Applications

  • Hot Metal is a flexible metal laminate which can be applied to curved surfaces and columns.
  • For tight tension joinery it is recommended to use strapping and clamps combined with fast tack contact adhesive.
  • If specifying Hot Metal for decorative ceiling panels, it is recommended that a greater sheet thickness than standard be used.
  • Fire Behaviour
    Hot Metal has a Certificate of Test - Report No: FNE7630, conducted by CSIRO & NATA, in accordance with Australian Standard 1530, Part 3-1989, Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation Heat Release and Smoke Release.

    Ignitability Index
    Spread of Flame Index
    Heat Evolved Index
    Smoke Developed Index

    Handling and Storage

  • Hot Metal sheets must be handled with care to prevent creasing of sheets.
  • Hot Metal sheets should be stored indoors and protected from moisture, dust and impurities.
  • Hot Metal sheets should be supported and stored vertically, off the ground with appropriate padding material at the base to protect edges.

  • Care

    • For cleaning Hot Metal the following can be used with a clean, soft cloth; warm soapy water, mild household detergent, diluted methylated spirits.
    • Do Not Use: Steel wool, scrapers, abrasive cleaning clothes, scouring liquids or powders to remove deposits as these will permanently scratch the coating surface.
    • Note that detergents that recommend the use of gloves, should be avoided as this is a good indication that the detergent is harsh and therefore unsuitable for cleaning Hot Metal. For example do not use; thinners, acetone, solvents, caustics, chlorine liquid or any form of stripping agent.

    Environment Friendly

    • Hot Metal is made from aluminium which can be melted down and recycled to be used for the production of new materials.
    • During the colour process no solvents are used and there are no emissions which means less waste and pollution to the environment.
    • Once in the market place no harsh detergents or chemical cleaners are required to maintain its lustrous finish.
    • Hot Metal processes require low energy inputs which means they help preserve our energy resources and the environment.

    Australian Designed and Manufactured
    Hot Metal is proudly Australian and patent protected. It is featured in the Australian Technology Showcase. It is designed, hand manufactured and distributed by STEW Pty Ltd, NSW Australia.

    Colours and Patterns
    Due to the translucent nature of Hot Metal colours there maybe a slight variation from batch to batch. Hot Metal patterns are handcrafted artistic works, therefore each sheet may not be entirely uniform. It is recommended that an actual sample be obtained before specifying. Some variations in colours and patterns may occur when comparing the actual product to images viewed in printed brochure material and the website. The displayed colours and patterns are indicative only.

    Hot Metal is a light responsive laminate therefore its translucent colours, handcrafted patterns and three dimensional qualities are best enhanced by shining light onto its surface. When designing with Hot Metal consider quality lighting for example quartz halogen. Beam the light onto the Hot Metal surface from different angles for stunning illusionary effects which will create a wow factor. Add life and an extra dimension to dark interiors. Any mode and ambience can be created with selected Hot Metal colours and patterns and the right choice of lighting. .


  • Hot Metal is recommended for internal vertical and decorative horizontal (light duty) use.
  • Hot Metal is not recommended for bench tops requiring heavy duty workloads.
  • Hot Metal is not recommended for applications where extensive heat temperatures are prevalent. When Hot Metal is used as a splash back, ensure that an appropriate distance is maintained between the Hot Metal sheeting and oven or hot plate area. For further information contact the appliance manufacturer.
  • Hot Metal is not suitable in applications that have direct contact with salt water.
  • Disclaimer
    The Buyer assumes all responsibilities and risks in relation to the final location and installation of the Goods. Any advice that the Seller (STEW Pty Ltd) may give to the Buyer in relation to the installation and/or fixing of the Goods is given without any assumption of responsibility for the advice given by the Seller. The Buyer assumes responsibility to check and clarify installation and/or fixing advice with an appropriate qualified engineer or other qualified professional adviser. STEW Pty Ltd advises the Buyer to test our products as to their suitability for the desired purpose and application method. The Buyer shall have no recourse of any kind against the Seller in respect of any such advice.